The XML Library


The XML Library is a small library for parsing XML files. It does not support validation (e.g., against a DTD or Schema). The basic idea is that the user supplies a "schema" module that describes the elements and attribute representation of an XML document. From this, one builds an XML tree representation

structure MyXMLTree = XMLTreeFn (MyXMLSchema)

and an XML parser

structure MyXMLParser = XMLParserFn (MyXMLTree)

The library also provides a generic XML tree definition (i.e., one that allows any element name).

For a more complete library for XML processing, use the fxp library.


signature XML_SCHEMA

describes the elements and attributes of an XML schema that are required to parse files of that schema.

signature XML_TREE

Defines a tree representation of XML files.

functor XMLTreeFn

Generates a tree representation of XML files from a schema structure argument.

functor XMLParserFn

generates a parser for the given SML tree representation.

structure GenericXMLTree

Provides a generic representation of XML trees.


For SML/NJ, include $/ in your CM file.

For use in MLton, include $(SML_LIB)/smlnj-lib/XML/ in your MLB file.