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SML/NJ web site now hosted at the University of Chicago

The master copy of the SML/NJ web pages is now kept in the svn repository of the smlnj gforge project at the university of Chicago (https://smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu/svn/smlnj/pages).

The web pages are mirrored at the SML/NJ sourceforge project smlnj.sourceforge.net, which should mirror the same pages from the repository. [There may be some lag however, because the smlnj-gforge svn repository cannot be checked out at the sourceforge server and the pages have to be updated manually.]

System source code, libraries, utilities, benchmarks, and test suites are also now hosted primarily in the smlnj-gforge.cs.uchicago.edu repository.

New Standard ML and SML/NJ SourceForge projects

Two new SML-related projects have been started at SourceForge, a site and organization supporting collaborative development of open-source software. The Standard ML (sml) project at www.smlfamily.org supports all Standard ML implementations by encouraging sharing of resources such as test suites, benchmarks, libraries, and documentaion. The Standard ML of New Jersey (smlnj) project at www.smlnj.org is intended to be the future home of SML/NJ (including web pages, releases, CVS repository, etc.).

New SML/NJ tutorial by Riccardo Pucella

Riccardo Pucella has written an extensive new tutorial, Notes on Programming SML/NJ, which is available as postscript or PDF. This is a first draft of the Notes, and Riccardo welcomes corrections and suggestions.

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